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अधिवक्ता बन्धुओं के लिए खुशखबरी-

सेंट्रल पब्लिक नोटरी अपॉइंटमेंट के लिए नया फॉर्म आया है केवल लीगल प्रैक्टिशनर्स या एडवोकेट भर सकते हैं


ADVOCATE NOTARY Qualifications

Form - I meant for those Advocates who have

(a) Practice experience of at least for 10 years i.e. 10 years’ experience from the date of the enrolment in the concerned Bar Council.

(b) Practice experience of at least for 07 years for those belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Other Backward Classes/Woman i.e. 07 years’ experience from the date of the enrolment in the concerned Bar Council.

Form II meant for those Retired Government Officers who had been

(a) A member of the Indian Legal Service under the Central Government, or

(b) He had been at least for 10 years,-

(i) A member of Judicial Service; or

(ii) Held an office under the Central Government or a State Government requiring special knowledge of law after enrolment as an Advocate; or

(iii) Held an office in the department of Judge Advocate General or in the legal department of the

armed forces.

Documents to be attached with the Application Form:-

(i) An Attested copy of the Matriculation Certificate( for date of birth);

(ii) An Attested copy of the Original Graduation Degree Certificate;

(iii) An Attested copy of the Original LLB Degree Certificate;

(iv) An Attested copy of the Enrolment Certificate issued from the concerned Bar Council;

(v) Name in the application form should be same as that in the Enrolment Certificate issued from the Bar

Council, if any Advocates want to change his/her name, generally in case of woman after marriage

he/she has to change his/her name in the Enrolment Certificate also; and

(vi) Married Woman Advocates should attach an attested copy of the Marriage Certificate.


· Duly filled in application which are complete in all respects will only be considered.

· Applicants whose application has been rejected in the past, they will apply only after expiry of 6 months period i.e. from the date of issue of rejection letter.

· Candidates, whose names have not been recommended by the Interview Board, may apply afresh.


This application has to be submitted by hand. Please visit at the office given below:

  • Department of Legal Affairs

  • Ministry of Law and Justice

  • 4th Floor, Shastri Bhawan



  • 110001


• Online Notary Applications may be made only ONLINE by eligible Applicants on the webpage of Notary Cell (http:/

• Online filled up forms & their Acknowledgements are not required to be forwarded to any officials/Notary Cell / Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi in any form i.e. hard copy, e-mail.

• Only Online Notary Applications shall be considered as eligibility for appointment as Notary Public. No Notary application in physical form shall be considered.

• It is not necessary to forward the Online Notary form through District Judge of Concerned District Court. Forwarding by concerned District Judge is not required to uploaded while filling up the Online Application form.

• The Counter signatures of five prominent persons (1st class Magistrate, Businessmen, Advocates etc.) are not required. The Counter Signature of five persons are not required to uploaded while filling up the Online Application form.

• No Queries/Phone calls/E-Mail’s regarding holding of Interviews, dates, venue etc. shall be made. The Applicants will get individual intimation in this regard as and when decision to hold interviews are taken by the Competent Authority, Government of India.

• Those Applicants who have already filled up the Online application form for appointment as Central Public Notary need not apply again. However, the applicants who were unsuccessful in the earlier interviews are required to apply afresh.


The role of a notary public in India is limited to attesting and certifying documents, verifying identities, and taking oaths and affirmations. Notaries in India do not have advocacy powers or the ability to provide legal advice or represent clients in court. However, in India, there are two types of legal professionals who can provide legal advice and represent clients in court: advocates and solicitors. Advocates are lawyers who are registered with the Bar Council of India and are authorized to practice law in the courts of India. They can represent clients in all types of legal proceedings, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Solicitors, on the other hand, are lawyers who specialize in drafting legal documents, such as contracts and agreements, and providing legal advice to clients. They cannot represent clients in court, but they can advise clients on legal matters and help them prepare for court proceedings. It is important to note that if you require legal advice or representation in India, it is best to consult with a licensed advocate or solicitor who can provide you with the appropriate legal services for your specific needs.



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An advocate notary, also known as a notary advocate, is a legal professional who possesses the qualifications and authority to act as both an advocate and a notary public. This combination of roles allows them to provide a broader range of legal services and assistance to clients compared to a traditional notary public.

Here's an explanation of the dual roles of an advocate notary:

**1. Advocate Role:** An advocate is a legal professional who is qualified to represent clients in legal matters, offer legal advice, and argue cases in court. They have in-depth knowledge of the law and are licensed to practice law. An advocate notary can provide legal advice, draft legal documents, and represent clients in legal proceedings.

**2. Notary Public Role:** A notary public is an individual authorized by the government to act as an impartial witness in various legal and financial transactions. Notary publics verify the authenticity of documents, witness signatures, and administer oaths or affirmations. They play a crucial role in preventing fraud and ensuring the legality of documents.

An advocate notary combines these two roles, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive set of legal services. They can notarize documents as needed while also providing legal counsel and representation. This can be particularly valuable when clients require both notarization and legal assistance in a single matter.

It's important to note that the specific roles and responsibilities of an advocate notary may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the legal system in place. In some regions, the concept of an advocate notary may not exist, and legal professionals may specialize exclusively in either advocacy or notarial services. Therefore, it's advisable to consult with a local legal expert or authority to understand the qualifications and functions of an advocate notary in your area if you require their services.

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