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SBI Day StateBankDay

@01st July Happy 67th #StateBankDay

The foundation day of #SBI is observed every year on___?

- 1st July

- It also called as #StateBankDay

- It was founded in 1806 as Bank of Calcutta

- Its largest public sector bank

- It was established on 1st July 1955

- Its headquarters at Mumbai, Maharastra

State Bank of India Theme 2022

आज ही के दिन 01 जुलाई 1955 को "इंपीरियल बैंक ऑफ इंडिया" का राष्ट्रीयकरण कर 'स्टेट बैंक आॅफ इंडिया' की स्थापना की गई थी।

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