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RPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus 2023

RPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus 2023

Assistant Engineer (AE) Mechanical position might include based on typical engineering recruitment exams. Keep in mind that the actual syllabus may vary, so it's important to refer to the official RPSC notification for the most accurate information. Here's a general outline:

RPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus 2023

RPSC Assistant Engineer General Knowledge Of Rajasthan Syllabus

General Knowledge syllabus for the RPSC Assistant Engineer (AE) exam in Rajasthan may include a wide range of topics related to the state's history, geography, culture, economy, and current affairs. Here's a general overview of what the General Knowledge of Rajasthan syllabus might include

1. **History of Rajasthan**:

- Ancient Rajasthan: Major kingdoms, rulers, and historical events.

- Medieval Rajasthan: Rajput clans, Mughal influence, and regional dynasties.

- Modern Rajasthan: Integration into India, princely states, and social reform movements.

2. **Geography of Rajasthan**:

- Physical features: Deserts, Aravalli Range, rivers, and climate.

- Natural resources: Minerals, wildlife, and vegetation.

- Agriculture and irrigation: Crops, agricultural practices, and water management.

3. **Culture and Heritage**:

- Folk arts, music, dance, and traditional crafts.

- Architecture: Forts, palaces, temples, and havelis.

- Fairs, festivals, and cultural celebrations.

4. **Economy of Rajasthan**:

- Industries and mineral resources.

- Agriculture and horticulture.

- Tourism and its importance.

5. **Government and Polity**:

- Administrative setup and local governance.

- Panchayati Raj system.

- Political history and major political figures of Rajasthan.

6. **Social and Contemporary Issues**:

- Social movements and reforms.

- Gender issues and empowerment.

- Environmental challenges and conservation efforts.

7. **Current Affairs**:

- National and international events.

- Recent developments in Rajasthan.

8. **Art and Literature**:

- Rajasthani literature, poetry, and notable authors.

- Folk stories and traditions.

9. **Rajasthan's Contribution to Indian History**:

- Rajput history, warriors, and their impact on Indian history.


RPSC Assistant Engineer Mechanical Syllabus

1. **Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials**:

- Mechanics of Solids

- Stress and Strain

- Shear Force and Bending Moment

- Deflection of Beams

- Torsion

2. **Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics**:

- Laws of Thermodynamics

- Heat Transfer

- Fluid Mechanics and Properties of Fluids

- Bernoulli's Theorem

- Flow Measurement

3. **Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Processes**:

- Material Science and Properties

- Casting, Forming, and Welding Processes

- Machining Processes

- Metrology and Quality Control

4. **Machine Design and Theory of Machines**:

- Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

- Gears, Bearings, and Power Transmission

- Design of Machine Elements

5. **Vibrations and Control Systems**:

- Free and Forced Vibrations

- Control Systems Basics

6. **Thermal Engineering**:

- Laws of Thermodynamics

- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

- IC Engines

- Steam Boilers and Turbines

7. **Fluid Machinery and Hydraulics**:

- Pumps, Compressors, and Fans

- Fluid Flow and Hydraulic Machines

8. **Engineering Mathematics**:

- Differential Equations

- Calculus

- Linear Algebra

9. **General Knowledge and Current Affairs**:

- National and International Events

- Indian Polity, History, and Geography

- Current Affairs

RPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus 2023 

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