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NTA CUET UG Exam 2024 Syllabus

NTA CUET UG Exam 2024 Syllabus

NTA CUET UG Exam 2024 syllabus might not be available. However, I can provide you with a general idea of what the syllabus typically includes based on previous iterations of the exam:

NTA CUET UG Exam 2024 Syllabus

NTA CUET UG Syllabus 2024 || Subjectwise

1. Quantitative Aptitude: This section may cover topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability.

2. Logical Reasoning: Expect questions on topics like logical deduction, syllogisms, analogies, coding-decoding, puzzles, and series completion.

3. English Language and Comprehension: Focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and error detection.

4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs: Questions may be based on national and international current affairs, history, geography, politics, economics, science, and technology.

5. Subject-specific Knowledge: Depending on the chosen undergraduate program, there may be questions related to subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, humanities, social sciences, etc.

NTA CUET UG Exam 2024 Syllabus

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